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What is a Personal Branding Photoshoot?

Nov 16, 2019

Woman weight training

What is a personal branding photoshoot?

A personal branding photoshoot can be different from business to business, from entrepreneur to entrepreneur. Overall, it’s a photoshoot that focuses on pulling your personality into your brand.

Personal branding brings the messaging of your company into the visuals you will use to market yourself. Booking a personal branding photoshoot is meant to exemplify what only you can bring to your clients.

To give you a more comprehensive example, we’d like to highlight a recent session we had the pleasure of shooting.

The owner of Spire Health Club, a local Phoenix gym, reached out to us about gathering some content and photography to brand his company.

There are hundreds of gyms in Arizona. People are already assuming that Ben has a fully qualified staff. They’re looking to be assuaged by the special qualities that only Spire can offer them. Although they can be valuable, business owners don’t want to waste time on the classic staff headshots.

Ben’s challenge is to showcase the nuances of the warm and inviting environment his health club has by utilizing lifestyle photography.

When he reached out, Ben already had a very clear idea of the message he wanted to portray. You see, the photos you use to represent your brand can be more important than even the words used on your website.

It’s imperative you find a photographer that is storytelling focused and committed to capturing the thought and feeling behind your brand.

Ben discussed with us that he didn’t want to be in the foreground of the photos we took. As the owner of a health club, Ben is a tall man who certainly could be the center of attention if he wanted to be. But he stressed to us that he would rather the positive aspects of his business speak for him. 

In our branding sessions we try to capture how this tiny little gym is bubbling over with big, loving personalities. We catch candid and warm shots that reflect the rich character of community.

There are smiles, movement, and an erasure of the sterile curated moments.

We took photos of his small group classes to portrayed the intimate interactions between the gym staff and people from all walks of life. Membership includes all ages and all stages of fitness, and that’s clear when viewing photos on their website or social media.

The key is that he continuously pulls us in to gather fresh updated content. This is to maintain and advance the story of Spire Health Club. Building your arsenal of content and cultivating an ongoing storyline is a very healthy habit for business ventures.

Marketing and photos should reflect what is authentically you. For Ben, it’s a humble business that fosters a range of relationships and lives. 

Check out Spire Health Club and see how they are using their images!

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