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Jan 23, 2019


This summer we were asked to create images for the Schlitterbahn River Park & Resort in Corpus Christi, Texas. To say it was both fun and challenging would be an understatement. We had the chance to work with a wonderful team to help create a large collection of images that capture the essence of not only the River Park but the area surrounding it. Growing up I could not have thought that I could earn a days pay in a bathing suit and creating photographs while hanging out with cool people. It turns out that it is possible and I managed it. It did take more than a day though and that of course means I got to have that much more fun.

For those interested in the #BTSstuff…Lighting was with a Profoto 7b and a 1200ws head with a Profoto beauty dish high and camera right. Fill was taken care of by the sun. Camera was a Sony a7RIII with a 25mm Zeiss Batis lens. The models were actual lifeguards at the park just before opening. The light was set perfectly by Seth Hanon @onrichnoise while Jason Griego @jason_griego masterfully DigiTech’ed his ass off. ⠀



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