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Studio Headshots Phoenix

Sep 24, 2020

What can you expect during a studio headshot experience?

Prior to you arriving at our portrait studio we will discuss what you want from your headshot session.

What color backdrop? Is there a consistent look that you need to have for your website? Do you need a variety of headshot options so that you can use for social media, press releases, marketing? Do you need a business branding session? A group photo of all your employees?

When you arrive at our Phoenix portrait studio expect to immediately be put at ease. Most clients do not love having their headshot taken, in fact many hate being in front of the camera. Our job is to make this whole headshot experience easy for you.

You have hired a professional headshot photographer because you want to be rest assured that you are going to walk away with photographs that you actually love. Not photos that are just ok.

This is your professional image, this headshot in many cases will make a first impression for you.

Which is why we do our best to make you comfortable immediately. Show you on the laptop what the photos look like. Coach you through posing. Suggest alternatives if something just isn’t working for you. We want you to be 100% thrilled with your photo(s).

Ideally we want to hear that “this is the best photo I’ve ever had taken, THANK YOU.”

This client initially wanted a blue backdrop. But based on their industry and just the fact that metal made another backdrop option, we suggested we give this a try as well.

Our goal during your corporate headshot experience is to give you choice and deliver headshots that you love.

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headshot photgoraphy


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