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3D Virtual Tours: Selling Homes in Phoenix / Scottsdale during COVID

Mar 26, 2020

Now more than ever, protect yourselves, your clients & your buyers with Virtual Reality Tours. Selling Phoenix homes with 3D virtual tours ensure your clients get peace of mind during the COVID era. Nobody wants lots of people walking through their house. There is now an ease of showing the house with just a few clicks instead of hours of your valuable time.

We do get asked all the time, how much is a virtual tour? Not as much as you would think. And the technology is mind blowing.

Another great Wall Street Journal article that is discussing how agents are showing properties and selling homes with 3D tours in the age of coronavirus.

Real-estate agents reveal how they’re safely showing property amid the pandemic

Q: How are you selling homes while maintaining safe practices during the coronavirus pandemic?

Colette Harron

Realtor at William Pitt Sotheby’s International Realty in Essex, Conn.

Up until last week, I was still having showings. I wiped down my car with alcohol every time before I got into it. I used a scarf to put over my face. I wiped down the door handles and the counters when I got to the property before I showed it. I stayed 6 feet away from the people. Then I gave people plastic gloves when they came to see the home, so if they touched anything I didn’t have to wipe it down again. Nobody objected.

But now we are only showing homes virtually, until further instructions. We have to be safe.

Ben Belack

Director, residential estates at The Agency in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Social media can be so meaningful right now. People are consuming real estate on their cellphone. They’re swiping through photos like they’re swiping through dating partners. I shifted to video awhile ago. I received two sight-unseen offers last year on a $6 million house from the property video only, which is crazy.

If people are apprehensive about coming out, we can send them a quick tour or a quick walk-through. We’ll do like a live open house, on whatever we think the most relevant platform is. Let’s say it’s a two-bedroom condo. We may go live on Instagram and do an open house tour and go live. If we’re in a neighborhood that’s a little bit more family driven, we may do a live walk-through or a tour on Facebook. You just want a quick couple of bullets, just like a movie trailer. It doesn’t show us the entire movie, it’s just meant to get us there.

3D virtual tours has proven to be a successful way of selling homes in Phoenix during the Coronavirus era.


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