Matterport Service Partner – Phoenix

Sep 11, 2018

Officially a Matterport Service Partner!Officially a Matterport Service Partner!

Officially a Matterport Service Partner!

For several months now, we have offered a new service to our clients: Matterport. To be quite honest, I had never even heard of Matterport until we were hired to photograph a series of resorts and hotels in the greater Phoenix – Scottsdale area. We were contracted to photograph the insides of the rooms and public areas for a travel app. On our first job, we were partnered with a Matterport operator who introduced us to the technology. We couldn’t get over how impressive the output was from this 3D camera. So we pretty much bought our first camera that very same week and began offering the service.

Initially, we focused on the luxury real estate market in Arizona. But quite honestly, the Matterport experience is perfect for all sorts of businesses that want to showcase what they do in a virtual 3D kind of model. I can’t wait to branch out into the hospitality world, resorts, venues, restaurants, event set ups. Really when you think of it everyone from schools, non profits, new builds, car dealerships, apartment complexes, yachts, mobile homes, the list goes on and on.

Take a look at their site, you will be amazed just like we were: Matterport



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