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How to find a photographer to document your project?

Oct 26, 2020

You need a local Phoenix photographer but how do you find the right one?

Recently, Amazon was looking for a photographer to document a get out the vote campaign in Phoenix.

Since the production company was not local to Phoenix, they relied on their creative agency based in San Francisco to find the photographer.

So how do you find a photographer to document your project or event?

The easiest way to find a photographer of course is: Google and Instagram.

This creative agency happened to find us through an Instagram search and must have found something in our feed that demonstrated our ability to tell a story through photographs.

Once a client finds a potential photographer – then it is up to the social media feed or a website portfolio to demonstrate that the work speaks to their project.

Knowing what keywords to use to find the right photographer can be very helpful.

For example, a national insurance company may be looking for a Phoenix / Scottsdale based photographer to take their corporate headshots. When they land on our website, we hope that they see we are totally capable of taking in studio professional portraits as well as on location environmental headshots.

Maybe a client is looking for a Phoenix Photographer “near me”. In the case of Amazon, they were looking for a photographer that could document a specific message they were trying to convey. Is the photographer good at telling a story? Documenting what is happening around them to give the audience a sense of being there. Emotion. A sense of place. A sense of purpose. Are they able to candidly tell a story?

The bottom in is that a photographer’s work needs to speak to you. Do they show professional images that reflect what you are looking for.

These handful of images attached to this blog post are the ones we could share. Due to privacy restrictions, we can’t share any images that include people. But since we are so close to the election, I felt that the message was current and the message: Vote, Vote, Vote is relevant.

Capturing photos for a project or an event is what we love to do. Make sure your photographer can tell the story you would like to be told.

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