How Matterport Helps Convert Real Estate Listings into Virtual Walk-Throughs

Feb 24, 2020

More and more homebuyers and renters are looking at listings online. Matterport is a massive tool for converting real estate listings into virtual walk-throughs.

The number of those looking for homes in different areas is also on the rise, which means those prospective owners and tenants are basing a lot of decisions off of images.

Take a tour through this model home, it gives you an idea of how detailed the Matterport walkthroughs are. Your clients can do this on their own, viewing listings online.




Whether you are renting an apartment, buy a starter house or looking to buy a vacation home, a walkthrough tour from Matterport can really help you visual the home, almost as if you are there in person.

A friend of ours and her family were recently looking for a home in another state. They had a very limited timeframe, and did not have time to look at houses in person. They did have friends there who could see the home in person and give their input, but the decision to buy or not really depended on images. This listing, although having good quality photos of the interiors, did not use a Matterport scan to give a true idea of the floorplan and size of rooms, as the home was barely staged.

By using Matterport scans on your real estate listings, you instantly add value to your listing. Matterport gives:

  • 4K HDR Photos
  • True 3D Interractive Walkthrough
  • Accurate and Easy Floorplans

Ask us how we can put Matterport to work for your listing!

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