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What is the importance of corporate photography for marketing your business?

Oct 19, 2020

The importance of corporate photography for marketing your business can not be overstated. With only 27 seconds to make a first impression, professional marketing photography helps you do that!

The Jewish Community Center in Scottsdale updates their website content quarterly. It’s important to them that they offer their guests and members updated photography to showcase current events. They utilize corporate photography, chiefly to showcase changes at the health club from season to season.

Summer marketing materials included lifestyle yoga photography, swimming lessons, swim team and Summer Camp photography that captures the essence of what it might be like if you were at the JCC.

Generally, good photography is essential to corporate marketing.

A well established business like the JCC understands the vital role photography plays in revamping their online presence. Their images stay fresh and relevant.

Corporate photography for them is including real people in their photos. Therefore, if you check out their website, they want you to see maybe one of your children, your aunt, a co-worker. Someone you can relate to. Being able to recognize familiar faces and understand what the club has to offer is at the center of their marketing strategy. In order to leave a lasting impression on their members.

This business has regularly updated corporate marketing photography that they can use when needed. For example, they can use marketing photography in press releases, on their website, brochures and marketing materials.

Overall, these images have multiple uses and are an ongoing investment in their community and the growth of their business.

The right photography will help you stand out amongst your competitors. In a see of visuals, great marketing photography is essential.


Oh how I miss multi day corporate events, let’s take a trip down memory lane.



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