Why is corporate brand photography important?

Jan 28, 2021

As a corporate brand photographer in the Scottsdale / Phoenix area, we get asked this question often. Corporate brand photography is at the core of a company’s messaging.

Now more than ever a personal brand or corporate brand really needs to show personality. Your ideal clients or potential employees need to feel a connection.

Featuring photography that shows your uniqueness, what makes your product different is at the core.

Silverleaf Club wanted to show a new practice that they are offering, Soundscape. The above photos are just a handful of the storytelling component that they will use on their Spa website to showcase what they offer.

Brand photography takes on many forms. It can be so much more than a lifestyle portrait. Storytelling, showing the soul of what you do and what your service provides.

An intimate look, a way for your client to envision being part of something. Your brand.

If you are looking to use corporate brand photography in your marketing, learn a little bit more here:

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