Branding message: Better. Every. Day.

Ben, the owner wants regularly updated photos that reflect his branding message. Uses: website, blog posts, social media

Values and beliefs that need to be demonstrated in the photography:
What inspires you? Find your reason..
A group of individuals with different goals, working together to get better every day.
Focus on things that lead to success. Make them habits. Make them mandatory.
We strive to build confidence.
With this confidence we work to eliminate self doubt. Replacing it with belief.
We accomplish this by doing hard things. Putting our bodies & minds through a stress that will illicit growth.
We grow side by side, in a community of like minded people.
It’s more than just working out.

As you begin to build or restructure your brand you’ll need visuals to market yourself with. As photographers who specialize in personal branding photos, there are a few ways we have seen this type of photography substantially help businesses grow. With photography, you have total control over the story of you. It gives you the space to manage how you are perceived in the marketplace in a more truthful manner. 

Take a minute to form the story of your brand. What meaningful narratives or messaging do you want to portray?