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Sep 16, 2020

Ballet Theatre of Phoenix marketing photos

3 Reasons why you need to update your visual branding / marketing photos for your business

  1. Brand Refresh

    How has your business evolved and what message do you want to share with your audience? How do you want your business perceived?

    Jennifer wanted Ballet Theatre of Phoenix to be recognized as a leading ballet school in Phoenix. By featuring her new space, she wanted to emphasize her instructor’s attention to detail, her pivot regarding Covid – that dancers will be SAFE during instruction.

    ballet studio phoenix

  2. Visual / Marketing update

    Is your brand outdated? Has your brand evolved? Having updated photos is incredibly important for standing out in your industry. Beyond the branding photography, you should also consider a website refresh (where the photos will really stand out), a new logo and even modern branding colors that resonate with your ideal clients. Updating your visual content allows you to recreate the way that your brand is viewed and received.

    ballet covid photos

  3. Visual content should reflect your brand’s voice

    What is the story you want to tell? How you will use your visual content to tell this story? What does your brand stand for? Does it offer enough insight into your messaging? What do you want to communicate? Having a brand refresh using consistent photography and messaging will help you position your business as a leader in your marketplace.

    Jennifer wanted everyone to know how gorgeous and large her new space is. On top of that she wanted to convey that her teacher’s are very detail oriented when interacting with your child. She also wanted her COVID image to reflect her pivot.

    ballet studio phoenix

Overview of branding photography

Ballet Theatre of Phoenix had purchased a new location for its ballet studio. The goal was to be in their new space by August. Such an exciting time.

Enter Covid in March. Throwing the exercise / sport world into a frenzy (just like every other business out there).

The ballet studio moved as quickly as possible to Zoom. Teaching ballet lessons online to adults was hard enough but even more challenging was the smaller children. But Jennifer, the owner made the most of it. She kept her dancers together even if not in person.

This unforseen business pivot was handled as smoothly as possible.

But definitely put a damper on the excitement of moving into a brand new custom built studio.

A new business location needed a marketing refresh.

Because of the pivot, Jennifer also needed Covid friendly photos for her website.

We met with Jennifer and determined that she needed a half day of photography to accomplish her goals. On her wish list were two sets of photos that featured her new space, her dancers and her offerings both Covid and post Covid.

Marketing during a pandemic is new to all of us.

But one marketing trend we have seen since early summer is the desire to refresh marketing materials. These marketing updates include business branding photography, rebranding, revamping websites, updating promotional pieces, headshots, professional portraits, product photography.

Basically using lifestyle photography to breathe fresh life into a small business brand.

Not everyone can or is willing to spend money on marketing and branding photography during a pandemic.

But you could argue that having to pivot has made folks super creative. Knowing that a business is not going to be the same as it was pre Covid has made small business owners and entrepreneurs respond by doubling down on making every effort to help their brand stand out.

Ballet Theatre of Phoenix has fresh photos for social media, their website and promotional materials.

This gym keeps their content fresh all year long. Multiple branding photo shoots keep their social media and website constantly updated with refreshed marketing.



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