Branding Photography Phoenix

Oct 16, 2018

Branding photography comes in all shapes and sizes. What type of photos will let your clients or potential clients know a little bit more about you. What will you be using these photos for? What is your message? Well for ongoing clients the branding photography seems to be constantly evolving as their business evolves.

Our favorite place in the world to spend every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for our 9am workouts is at Spire Health Club in Phoenix. These guys are the best. They inspire us and make us better every single day. So to be their branding photographers is very special to us. We love seeing the club grow and evolve and it is exciting for us to be part of it.

What we document through these branding sessions are personal development, regular folks challenging themselves, the staff working out and leading strength classes, group fitness, head shots, group photos – everything that happens at the gym. What better way to brand then to show the personalities?



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