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5 Ways to Nail your Professional Headshot

Aug 7, 2020

5 ways to nail your headshot photo shoot

We have been photographing headshots and professional portraits in the Phoenix / Scottsdale area for over 15 years. We know how to ensure that you will nail your professional headshot. However, what do we hear all the time from clients regarding professional headshots?

“I hate being in front of the camera.”

“Having my photo taken makes me nervous.”

“I’m not photogenic at all.”

“I have never had a photo taken that I like.”

“My last headshot was horrible.”

The good news is that we hear these objections all the time. Rarely is someone actually excited to have their headshot taken.

1. I hate being in front of the camera.

As headshot photographers, it is our job to create a relaxing environment for you and help you overcome these fears and doubts.

Most people don’t feel naturally photogenic and since most people who need a professional headshot are NOT professional models, they don’t have their photo taken all the time. 

We are used to the anxiety that surrounds having a headshot taken.

2. Having my photo taken makes me nervous.

Having your photo taken, all eyes are on you. This can make you feel awkward. 

Our job is to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. Painless and easy.

So, we will coach you. We can help you look your best (which means your most natural) for your custom headshot. 

3. I’m not photogenic at all. 

We help the nervousness disappear, we help you conquer whatever doubts you have and the best way to do this is to show you the headshot photos as we are taking them.

You will immediately see the results, decide if you want to make any tweaks to your hair, collar, etc. 

4. I have never had a photo taken that I like.

This just means you haven’t had the right photographer take your photo. Not all headshot photographers are created equal. Although it may seem obvious, most people don’t consider this.

Honestly, not all headshot photographers are comfortable around people. And that will show up in your photo.

From our first conversation to the minute you enter the studio, we work on melting away the tension. 

Most importantly, we collaborate with you to understand what you want from your professional portrait. What image is this headshot trying to portray? Understanding your goals leads to a series of headshots that you will love.

5. My last headshot was horrible.

When we hear this from new clients, what usually follows is a description of a combination of poor communication, not managing expectations and potentially a photographer just not being very good at drawing out your real personality. 

If you want to love your headshots then please communicate exactly what you want from them. That way we can be on the same page and deliver a set of headshots that you will love.

Additionally, items to discuss are color choices, outfit changes, skin care, natural looking hair and makeup.

The bottom line is that professional headshots are essential tools, used for everything from a Linkedin profile picture, job hunting, online dating profile photos and all other social platforms. 

As portrait photographers, we promise we will put you at ease and give you a set of photos that showcase who you are as a professional.

Why are professional portraits or headshots so important?

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