5 Ways Personal Branding can Help Your Business Grow

Mar 16, 2020

As you begin to build or restructure your brand you’ll need visuals to market yourself with.

As photographers who specialize in branding photos, we’ve compiled 5 ways personal branding photos can grow your business.

With personal branding photography, you have total control over the story of you. It gives you the space to manage how you are perceived in the marketplace in a more truthful manner.

Take a minute to form the story of your brand. What meaningful narratives or messaging do you want to portray?

Refer to our past blog posts for some tips on forming your personal brand.

Marketing your business is uniquely personal. It used to be that you stood behind your brand or employ your brand to speak for you. Today, you are your brand.

Share-ability & Accessibility

One of the biggest and most influential changes of our new age, is social media. If you aren’t employing the use of Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter as a tool for marketing your business, stop reading and create an account.

Having a folder filled with lifestyle branding photos means you can map out a social media strategy tailored to a specific customer base. We want to ensure the strategy is compatible to you and your brand. Every social media apps give you analytical tools allowing you market towards a specific age group, gender, or people generally interested in the sector of business close to yours. This is, therefore, a brilliant way to grow your business.

Most social media channels are all linked together, making your job even easier. Creating a Facebook business page guarantees you an Instagram business page, so anytime you post to Instagram you can automatically post to Facebook. Saving you the trouble of manual posts is just another perk that you’ll want to take advantage of.

Trust & Credibility

Photos of your product being used in real-world environments gives people something they can relate to. Personal branding requires a certain amount of transparency and truth.

Above all, sharing photos that exemplify aspects of your brand that people would not normally see earns you some trust with your consumers. This makes them more likely to hire you or purchase your product.

Blogging & SEO

Blogging or journaling is a wonderful way to share the message of your brand. A unique tool not often used nowadays, blogging has more flexibility and freedom than other platforms. Just like social media, however, the visuals are what draw people in. Personal branding photos are an easy way grab attention and get your message out there.

Photos are just one more element floating around the internet that can be linked back to you. If someone were to share your article, they are more likely to get ‘clicks’ if there is a photo to hooks readers.

Similarly, utilizing visuals also give you the opportunity to dive deeper into SEO (search engine optimization). It’s worth the few minutes it takes to re-name your photos once you upload them to your website. In other words, ‘tagging’ your photo with keywords and categories that can be easily searched for on google makes your already strong visuals even stronger.

Social Media Collaborations & Sponsorships

Business are collaborating with each other in a way they never have before. Social media has allowed for less formal ways of connecting and collaborating with small businesses. Personal branding photos are the key to this type of relationship.

For example, a local rock band who has a large Instagram following may be sent complimentary guitars from Fender as a form of marketing. Fender is hoping that the band will post photos featuring their products. Because the band has established a social media strategizing made up of lifestyle branding, a mutually beneficial agreement could be made.

Consequently, these types of deals are exclusive to our world of online marketing. Now, we’ve always seen sponsors and collaborations, but our new platforms have made it more attainable to small businesses.

Naturally, the key to all of these elements working to their best ability is coordinating with a photographer. They can capture images that will best represent the personality behind your brand. 

These 5 ways of strategizing with Personal Branding photos can, without a doubt, help you grow your business.

For more information, look forward to future blog posts on Personal Branding and Lifestyle Branding, or refer to recent past posts. 

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