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3D Virtual Tour – Suite of Assets Boosts Real Estate Sales

Mar 25, 2020

Set yourself apart apart from the competition. The Matterport capture platform lets you create 3D digital twins of any physical space, helping you capture new clients and grow your business.  In this article, we will discuss the ability 3D virtual tours has to boost your real estate sales.

A Suite of Assets

Our 3D data platform creates a suite of digital assets to offer our clients, and automatically performs stitching, color adjustments, white balancing, and more. With each space, you automatically get:

  • 3D digital twins
  • 4K print quality photos
  • Guided video tours
  • OBJ, XYZ, JPG, and PDF files

Google Street View Ready

Go beyond traditional photos. We can create a 3D model of our client’s property (such as a restaurant or retail location) to post on their website and other sites, like Yelp. Perks like 3D virtual tours can help raise real estate sales in so many ways. You can then use this tool to post to Google Street View and do the following:

  • Upload the imagery to GSV.
  • Associate the imagery to the correct business in GSV.
  • Geolocate the property accurately on the Google map.

For more info or to see some video examples, visit some of our other blog posts on 3D virtual tours for phoenix real estate.

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