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Using Virtual tours. How Coronavirus Is Forcing Real-Estate Agents to Adapt: WSJ

Mar 26, 2020

3D Virtual Tours are helping the Phoenix real estate market get houses sold.

It is amazing how fast change can happen.

Overnight it seems, home buyers and their agents have to change their strategy. Whether it be an open house or just a scheduled appointment to view a house both have become something that isn’t safe to do.

Since the Coronavirus outbreak, real estate agents are dealing with an ever changing landscape.

Guidelines need to be followed and in some states, showings are not even allowed. But people still need to buy homes and they need to see what these homes look like. Agents need to educate their clients by thinking out of the box.

Never before have virtual tours become so relevant.

This Wall Street Journal article has some great insight into what agents / buyers / sellers are dealing with in markets across the country:

Coronavirus Is Forcing Real-Estate Agents to Adapt. Will They Sink or Swim?

The pandemic is halting open houses and shuttering sales centers and brokerage offices, changing the industry virtually overnight

“Everybody has been trying to do more digital and virtual stuff anyway,” said Fredrik Eklund, an agent at Douglas Elliman and one of the stars of “Million Dollar Listing New York.” “This is going to be a catalyst.”


If you can’t visit a home in person, then having the Matterport 3D Virtual House Tour is the next best thing. From the safety of your home, you can click on a home tour and view the space as if you are there in person. Walk in through the front door, walk down the hallways, tuck your head into the wine cellar, check out the comfortable reclining chairs in the home theater, look out the windows at the incredible landscaping, walkthrough the gorgeous kitchen, pop your head into the shower. Envision yourself laying by the pool or playing basketball by the garage.

Wondering how you can create a 3D Virtual tour for your property? Reach out to Matterport and they will hook you up with one of their Matterport Service Providers for your area.

Or simply use the google machine and type in: Virtual 3D House Tours near me or Virtual Real Estate Phoenix Scottsdale or whatever your area is.

Trust me, you will love this technology.

See a 3D virtual Tour for a luxury home in Paradise Valley, Arizona.

or another 3D real estate tour from a Model Home Park, watch your property shine

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