The J: Small Business Story

Feb 7, 2020

Every brand has its own identity.

melissa and keith phoenix photographers captured small business branding photos for the J community center

The J community center is continually looking to foster the idea that you belong here.

“There’s something for everyone at The J and everyone is welcome!” This mantra lives on the homepage of their website. Showing, furthermore, that a small business story can be crucial to successful marketing.

We love this scottsdale community center because of their focus on healthy living and community.

When preparing to photograph their space for some branding content, we kept those same ideas in mind. With a place as grounded as the J, their images should reflect those same small business story ideas.

Storytelling led content is the perfect strategic foundation for a small business. Tell the story of their brand and weave that through all of their content. Visually, this means showcasing their qualities in the most honest way possible. Therefore capturing trainers with clients, kids enjoying amenities in their natural environment, and seniors learning new skills. Real moments with real people.

The J’s marketing team’s goal was to create Content Marketing for represent them as “The Valley’s friendliest fitness and community center”.

Our goal, overall, was to create brand images that will stand out from the competition and reflect this message.

One thing every business has is a story. J’s small business story is shines through in everything they do.

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