Spotlight your Brand with an Experiential Activation: The Social Photographer

Oct 18, 2019

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Experiential marketing, giving your attendees something to remember long past the event seems to be the new norm. Innovative and inspired creative opportunities that engage your guests and help to make your event more impactful.

As the world keeps changing and chugging along, so does our work. 

With a lot of our work existing in the world of corporate conferences and company retreats, we have seen a lot of evolutions in how those events are organized and documented. 

Recently we’ve been utilizing a new tool – the iPad! 

Companies coming out to Phoenix have been more and more interested in capturing social media photos for their guests in addition to the classic event photography.

The magic of the iPad is all the spectacular apps built for social media photography.

You take the photo, and after inputting the guests phone number they’re sent a direct link to their photo, elevating their event experience.

It’s a sort of reinvention of the photo booth you’ve seen at all your friends’ weddings. Fun and funky, ipad social photography has been a wonderful bonus to the realm of cocktail parties and networking affairs.

After a few of these experiences, however, there are a few things we have learned about the ipad photo phenomenon.

Firstly, there is a time and a place.

The biggest hindrance we have found with this form of social photography is that sometimes…people don’t want their photo taken!

And even if they humor you and agree to snap one, they don’t want to then give you their phone number as well. It sounds like a small thing, but really take a look at your itinerary for the day or week and see what times it really makes sense to have a photographer dedicated to the iPad.

With this, less can really be more.

Next, take advantage of branding.

Everybody owns a smartphone…with really good cameras.

If you’re going to pay someone hourly to stand around with an iPad and ask people for photos, it should be a different experience than all the selfie-taking they’ve been doing all weekend.

Carry the branding of the event through every element, including the social photography. Most apps offer a customization of the photos, an opportunity to add a logo, border art, or a hashtag.

Your attendees need to feel drawn to this perk for a reason other than convenience. Emphasize your message and make your visitors feel a sense of community. Part of an experience.

Finally, get creative.

We’ve already mentioned branding on the photo directly, but think about areas at your event that would work well as a staple or a landmark of the space. Something cute or memorable.

We have worked events with cute cut-outs, giant picture frames, or a gorgeous view. Once again, if people are going to be taking photos on their smartphones all night, make the iPad more of a curated encounter.

If you’ve been looking for new and innovative ways to heighten your next convention, or company bash – look at these tips and consider iPad social photography.

When done well it can offer your guests the fun of social photography without the hassle of a photo booth or the delay of receiving event photos.



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