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Aug 16, 2019

Drone House Costa Rica 0001.jpgDrone House Costa Rica 0001.jpg

This summer our summer travel took us to Costa Rica. We stayed for 3 weeks. 3 different locations. 3 different Airbnbs.

Since our profession is photography, we of course enjoy documenting our trips, storytelling, snapshots, a visual record of our travels.

This year we added a new piece of gear to our travel bag and decided to bring a drone to Costa Rica.

The epic scenery, incredible nature, vast stretches of Pacific beaches, jungle, tree canopies, rivers with crocodiles, exotic birds, my oh my it was a visual paradise. It was a gift to have the drone with us. Capturing this from a completely different perspective was exciting. And the output gorgeous.

And just for fun we decided to do a little real estate photography while we were there. All 3 homes were in gorgeous settings, the one featured above was in Ojochal on the Osa Peninsula. Views of the Pacific from the pool and jungle (with lots of amazing clouds) to the front of the house, stunning vistas from every window. Surveying the terrain with overhead views as well as sweeping aerial photography, still and motion. Just fun.

Looking forward to sharing some of our drone footage of beautiful Costa Rica. The scenic and the real estate marketing type of as well.

Quite honestly if it would have fit in my bag I would have loved to have the Matterport along with me. 3D scans of these vacation rentals would have been gorgeous.

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