Looking for a Unique Guest Activation? Images on Drinks!

Aug 14, 2019

We recently photographed a multi day corporate event in the Phoenix / Scottsdale area that had so many fun, clever components to the itinerary. I often wonder how an event planner can plan a large several day event year after year and never run out of creative ideas.

But Rhonda Rush with Impact Events manages to pull off a completely new annual meeting every single year.

One of the fun components to this year’s event was at the the dinner on the last night. Wrigley Mansion was the setting. The guests were greeted with a custom cocktail as they came off of their shuttle bus from Andaz Resort in Scottsdale.

The unique guest activation was the custom cocktail, the Winning Cocktail (see ingredients below) with a variety of images printed and put on top of the drink. The images were taken by us earlier in the day at a team building event on the Scottsdale Mall. We literally finished shooting the event at 4:30 and the guests had these drinks with more than 100 custom images and logo branding in their hands by 6pm.

What company prints images to put on drinks like this? SIMPI, a subsidiary of the Grand Bevy: “the leading high end creative beverage service for the event market across the USA and internationally.

Operating in over 7 major markets and for some of the most known figures and luxury brands worldwide, we specialize in creating an elevated beverage experience that is cutting edge and sophisticated.

From flying teams in to private islands, to major product launches in major arenas, we have the expertise to deliver a unique beverage service regardless of location and size.A great way to create branding opportunities or sharing images on top of beverages”.

The Winning Cocktail’s ingredients were Pear Vodka, St Germain, Lime Juice and Bitters.



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