Best way to kick off a Multi Day Corporate Meeting, an open bar and dinner under the stars at the Phoenician

Jul 24, 2019

Whenever we photograph a multi day event at one of the incredible resorts in the greater Phoenix / Scottsdale area, I always wonder how does the entire event get pulled off without a hitch. Most Fortune 500 companies and even the smaller boutique type companies travel far and wide to get to Arizona. How do the logistics work? How do they come up with these themed on site events each evening? How does everyone get their flights and get to the hotel? The local entertainment needs to get booked, side trips to places like Taliesin West or a shooting range take place. How does this all come together?

Well it seems there are many moving parts. We might get hired by the actual company that is putting on the event. In this case we were hired by a Florida company that works for Bacardi. But how did they get everything done on the ground? That is where the DMCs come into the picture.

Many multi day events seem to have many, many professionals working to pull off a successful event. But one of the most important seems to be the Destination Management Company.

They know the logistics, the local places to show off the wild Wild West, where to eat off site, how to bring in local entertainment on site, you name it, they source it.

If you are planning an event in the Phoenix area, there is no shortage of event planners, rental houses, incredible venues, amazing resorts with very resourceful staffs, but the glue that holds all these pieces together are the DMCs. In this case it was Hello! Arizona.

More to follow in my next few posts…..

Resort:: The Phoenician

Check out the Featured Speakers on Day 2 of this multi day event at the Phoenician.



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