5 Reasons to Invest in Head Shots

Nov 11, 2019


Whether you own your own small business or going for jobs in the larger corporate world, marketing yourself can make or break you. 

Having quality headshots can be imperative to your success.

LinkedIn, resumes, business cards, the about you section on your website, or your social media profile all require a certain level of professionalism and personality.

There are many benefits to investing a headshot session and having a few solid portraits in your back pocket. 



An easy point to make, but an important one.

An iPhone selfie, or an outdated photo from your cousin’s wedding is not going to cut it.

This isn’t your dating profile; this is your occupational pursuit.

You need a crisp, clear representation of you for colleagues and potential employers to gauge.


First Impressions

As creatures of habit, people can’t help but judge based on the first thing they learn about others.

First impressions are important, which means your photo may do most of the speaking for you.

Your LinkedIn profile or social media avatar will be their primary reference, so it’s no small thing.


Personal Branding

It gives you the opportunity to present a story to people – the story of you!

Although you want to keep your headshot straight forward and professional, it also gives you a chance to show to some personality and versatility.

Think about who it is you want to portray and combine your professional abilities and personality traits that make you a good candidate.

Work with your photographer to curate an environment for your session that melds with your personal branding.

Think about location, outfit, angle, and facial expression. 


If you take yourself seriously, so will others

Confidence is an attractive quality.

By investing time and money into headshots, you are already emitting an air of confidence.

Taking yourself seriously will higher others’ view of you, so go the extra mile.

Employers will identify you as a prepared applicant who’s ready for the next step.

Potential clients will feel a connection,



Visuals help you stand out.

Resumes, cover letters, or profiles without headshots are more likely to be forgotten or passed over due to a lack of memorability. 

The best way to market your image is literally with images.

Wear something crisp and clean that you feel accurately depicts your personal branding because it could be your saving grace. 

Throughout your career you will find yourself in need of head shots for a multitude of networking occasions.

For the next time you’re featured in a story, submitting your grad school proposal to the dean, or simply applying for a job, putting a face to your business, do yourself a favor and schedule yourself a headshot session.

It’s a worthwhile investment.



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