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What is Visual Storytelling?

Dec 31, 2019

Clients contact us to photograph many types of products, events, food, interiors, branding, etc. – maybe they are looking for product photography or maybe they want to brand a certain product through lifestyle type photos or a combination. But generally the common thread is that their brand, their company has a story to tell. Our job is to aid them in visual storytelling.

keith and melissa photographers visual storytelling blog phoenix arizona

Turning their sketch into a reality for their customers to resonate with.

Here is an excerpt from a brilliant piece written by the talented team at Black & White Studios….

Branding is such a broad term these days. When people tell you they are going through a branding re-design, or are creating a ‘brand’ for their business, often they simply want a logo. Others think they need just a couple of product photos, a behind-the-scenes video, or a single headshot. What these all have in common is that they actually want a visual representation of their company/idea/thingy-ma-jig, that they can show to others and allow them to be recognized. Recognized, while telling the story of who they are. And that’s what we love to do!

What is ‘Visual Storytelling’?

When we use this phrase, we’re referring to using visual media to create a narrative. Visual media such as illustration, animation, videography, photography. These can be enhanced with music, graphics, etc and are excellent ways to push the concept of a brand. Well-crafted, branded visuals can help you take your company from flat and impersonal to one with connection and trust. 

Some of our favorite projects have been those that make a real difference to the brand’s engagement on social media! For example, Mana Bar is a protein dry mix brand who we worked with to create a clear visual narrative. We started with their packaging, which used fun, funky illustrations to show off the flavor.

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