Coors Light Birds Nest | Waste Management Phoenix Open 2017 | Opening Night

Feb 13, 2017

The Opening Night VIP party for the Thunderbirds at the Coors Light Birds Next had a red carpet full of clever costumes from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and present day. Favorites were John Travolta in Saturday Night Live (with dance floor + disco ball!), Three’s Company, a few Pablo Escobars, the most Interesting Man in the World, etc. etc. Just clever fun!

Inside the tent as you can imagine, the crowd was having a great time listening to live music, great drinks and incredible food. As their website puts it best, see below:

For four nights every year the hottest nightclub in Scottsdale is located inside a tent erected in north Scottsdale. It is, of course, the Coors Light Birds Nest. With great music, beautiful patrons and enthusiastic partying, the Coors Light Birds Nest has earned near legendary status on the PGA TOUR. It offers a show all its own and is totally unlike anything else associated with professional golf. In fact, the Coors Light Birds Nest shares much more in spirit and style with the best concert venues in the country than a golf tournament.



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