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Jan 11, 2017

Much much better every day! To say our lives are better in more ways than we can count is an understatement. And a testament to the owner @bennovak.spire. 

I’m almost 48 years old – I have been to many gyms in my day, including Crunch, Equinox, Reebok Club, (a variety of) Barre classes, lots and lots of personal training and a host of very expensive NYC options in my lifetime. Never have I been more happy to get to the gym – and more dedicated – than I am right now.  (oh wait and those that may know Keith’s eating habits of the past will be shocked to know that he is now not only a vegetable eater, but a salad eater, enough said!)

These guys inspire and make you do your best – and the result is a resounding “better every day”. 

Thank you for letting us begin to tell the Spire story through these photos.  But my advice to anyone looking for some motivation, camaraderie, and general a** kicking coupled with some words of wisdom should drop in and try it for yourself!

Ben Novak, Spire Health Club



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