Colleen’s Dream Golf Gala | Arizona Biltmore Golf Club

Jul 1, 2016

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The Golf Gala took place at the Arizona Biltmore Golf Club. The Shot Gun Golf Tournament kicked off with the Phoenix Suns Cheerleaders cheering on the golfers as they drove off their starting hole. Fun was all around the course, from a Kicking Competition hosted by Billy Cundiff, A Tito’s Vodka Stop, other great little finds along the way, including being joined by the Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders!

Colleen’s Dream is an amazing charity. Started by four daughters after they lost their vibrant mother to ovarian cancer, the charity is making incredible strides to make early detection tests available to women. The stats are incredible, 1 in 72 women will develop ovarian cancer in their lifetime. With no early detection methods currently available, their efforts will hopefully revolutionize the way that women can beat this horrific cancer. I am a woman, I have a mom and sister and I also have 2 daughters and a niece. To say that women’s health is important to me is an understatement.




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