Corporate Holiday Party | Enchanted Island Encanto Park, Phoenix, AZ

Jan 5, 2016

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We see all kinds of holiday parties – from huge shindigs in resort ballrooms, quiet dinners, backyard get togethers – they are all fantastic. Just the idea that a group of coworkers gets together and has a good time I think is an irreplaceable option for bonding and camaraderie. 

This particular party at Encanto Park was no exception. I really enjoyed the fact that employees, family, kids, Santa and puppies were all invited. And everyone seemed to have a blast! The kids (and adults) jumped in bounce houses, slides, hula hoops, egg tossing, volley ball, frisbee, tug of war and on and on. Fun, fun, fun. Laid back, laughter and just a great holiday feel to the event.




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