Beautiful Weather in Arizona | Perfect Spot for a Winter Conference!

Jan 25, 2016

Today I have been thinking of summer! It’s only slightly chilly here in Arizona but seeing the weather on the East Coast reminds me why so many folks head this way in these winter months for their corporate events! (I’m thinking past spring – when we get to escape the summer heat for a perfect vacation who knows where just not here)

Looking forward to Barrett Jackson being here – so many fun vintage cars rolling through the streets. We have some fun work this week with Mack and Penske – and then the event season kicks into high gear.

Oh my east coast family/friends/vendors – looking forward to seeing you visit this winter/spring. And then the roles being reversed when the hot weather descends on the valley. 

(this photo was taken on a working trip to Sicily two summers ago. I just love the sea of bright umbrellas. Cefalu beach was so perfectly Italian.)



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