Free Arts for Abused Children | Omni Montelucia Resort Photography

Nov 6, 2015

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We have been working with Free Arts for probably 7 or so years – photographing whatever they need us to in order to assist in their incredible efforts to help the abused kids of the greater Phoenix area. This year’s annual luncheon was held at the Omni Montelucia. 

I can’t even tell you how important Free Arts is to the community. The healing through art is evident in the painting, the stories, the poems. The stories are the kids personal journey through the painful healing process. Reading about a work of art or hearing the poetry that describes the abuse and how the child works through this within themselves is both heartbreaking and hopeful. 

These children have lived a lifetime. And now through the help of Free Arts and its incredible mentors, some kids get to take their lives back. These stories of the human spirit surviving inspite of the odds are overwhelmingly powerful. 

Support Free Arts if you can!



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